Boston Referral – Zillow

Me and my family just moved to Boston and I contacted Luis G. López to help me find an office. Even though he lives in Houston I knew he would go out of his way to find us the best location possible wherever we may be in the U.S. I needed a great location, good space to accommodate about six people, windows, a good view, close to a street with lots of restaurants and surrounded by people, a nice building, good neighbors and preferably a ‘modern, trendy’ looking office within a very specific budget range. A lot to ask for right? Well, guess what? He found it for us in two days! And he doesn’t even live in Boston. He contacted one of his referral agents in Boston and the two of them worked magic! Luis set up our meeting with the Boston-base agent who would pick us up and tour different options they chose for us. Ryan (the Boston-based agent) was attentive, really nice and professional. After just one day of touring we found it! I Got my dream office: Beautiful space with brick walls, two separate spaces, four big windows, great view, beautiful small building, great neighbors and the best part: right on the middle of Quincy Market and at the low scale of the assigned budget! This couldn’t have worked better and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Luis G. Lopez. He was efficient, attentive to detail and assigned us a great partner to work with locally. Luis was thorough in understanding our particular needs, set us up with the right person in Boston, and we found exactly what we needed.